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The Story of Marros

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Nov. 21st, 2008 | 04:08 pm
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History might remember me as a monster, and call what I did unthinkable.

School children for centuries to come will learn of my horrid acts, which have come to be known as "The Dragonkin Massacre"

They will learn of a mad lone Warrior named Marros on a forgotten realm named Undermine. Marros was a strong Warrior, one forged by 67 years, or levels as his kind called them, of heroic questing and dungeon battles. He had been a champion for the weak, a defender for the defensless, but as the story goes so often, Marros fell on hard times.

Though he was a skilled blacksmith, Marros was always LFW, and could not find the work or the money he needed to further increase his skill. A master miner as well Marros often depended on the rich ores he harvested from the Earth, but the times and the economy were not what they once were. To many newbs sold their trade and materials for a price far below their value, and Marros could not compete with such low prices.

Then one day Marros heard a tale, a tale of riches far beyond what he could make with his craft, riches that would be enough to buy him that flying Griphon he had tried so hard to save for.

There was rumor of an Azure Whelpling, a baby of the blue Dragonkin, and people with far too much money were paying to turn this little beast into a token pet. So Marros flew to the long forgotten land of Azshara. Azshara was an uninteresting land without dungeons, one that had been forgotten by it's creators and the people of their world, but Marros had to go there and see for himself, to see for himself if the stories were true.

Marros arrived and began his search. He only at first observed the Blue Dragonkin to see if there were signs of the whelpling, but to no avail. Then Marros drew too close, and all was lost.

The Dragonkin knew why he was there, for their land had been plagued for weeks with others like him, looking, looking for what was not theirs.

Marros' greed however pushed him on. He began to slay the Dragonkin with ease, they fell one by one under his axe, and he continued the slaughter in search for his prize.

But his prize remained elusive. Marros knew this was to be a long battle, but also that others had succedded,and after every kill he convinced himself that only one more would be needed. Marros carried out his genocide on the Dragonkinfor hours, and the longer he fought, the greater his rage grew. He went from kill to kill, corpse to corpse, pillaging the dead bodies and finding only scraps, a few silver coins, and rarely and green item he could sell at the market later.

Marros quickly fell into madness, and the few hunters that still came to zone could often hear him in the distance yelling, "Damn you Dragonkin, GIVE ME YOUR BABY!" The hours eventually turned into days, yet his prize stilled remained elusive.

And so goes the tale, of Marros the Mad, and "The Dragonkin Massacre". Little else is known about what happened to Marros, only that he never found his Whelpling, and vowed never to return to Azshara again.

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